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Home Evaluation

The initial phase of selling your home starts with the evaluation. My awareness of current market trends in the industry, combined with the familiarity of the GTA community helps me perform a thorough assessment of your home. Whether you are looking to sell, or refinance your property let me assist you in realizing the worth and potential of your home

Home Staging

As someone with a knack for design, coordination and an attention to detail; I eliminate the added stress that comes with prepping a home for the market. By highlighting key features of the home and maximizing space, I help my clients stage their homes for an effective viewing.

I am available throughout the event to ensure my clients, both buyers and sellers are at ease. Never underestimate the value of a finely staged home, and leave all your worries behind as you take advantage of this service.

Virtual tour

A picture speaks a thousand words. Likewise, high quality photographs of your home will give prospects a great first impression. As more house hunters look for homes online, professional photographs are a great advantage. I ensure photographs are of the highest quality, properly lit and highlight the features of the home that will sell.

I guarantee buyers will not overlook your home on MLS® and online platforms.


Backed by a decade of expertise and a strong network of industry professionals; I can guarantee you get the best rates for your mortgage. As your mortgage broker, I can save you the time and guesswork in applying for and securing a loan.

There is a sense of joy in knowing I have secured loans for first time buyers. Getting approved for your dream house is no longer just a dream; it can be realized with my help and assistance.

Financial advice

Whether it be buying or selling a property, there are many risks and rewards. My consultation as a financial advisor starts the moment I meet with all my clients. I take into consideration their goals and budget to realize the best course of action for them. As your mortgage broker and real estate agent, I have the necessary insight to understand the right time for you to rent, sell or buy your home. As someone who knows the importance of financial planning, I am passionate about offering only the most reliable and honest advice.


I am a resourceful agent with a network of professional realtor friends to market your home. I utilize various online and offline marketing methods to find you the perfect fit. By writing listings for newspapers and employing online social media platforms, I target the right prospects. Open houses will be a buzz as I get the word out through my flyers. The key to selling and buying your next home is that I know my clients and I know my audience.